Tuscany Leather

Lizandez is thrilled to offer you the beautiful product range from Tuscany Leather.

Tuscany Leather focuses on high quality products that are realised with the best materials and expression of a well-known Italian design, that are appreciated all over the world. With the entrepreneurial knowledge of the Altavilla family, over the years they have been honoured with several awards, including the prestigious prize ‘OK ITALIA 2011’.


The Tuscany Leather range is the result of centuries of experience in the leather and tanning industry. The styles have evolved over time to respond to the needs of today’s discerning consumer. The craftsmanship excellence of today still embellishes the traditional ways however new technologies have assisted in responding to the increase consumer market.

It is these characteristics, which make their creations authentic and representative of the Tuscan craftsmanship. The excellence of the product is the result of tradition and contemporary values.