Italian Leather Bags Are The Best - Why

One of the reasons Italian leather is regarded in the fashion industry as the best is because of it’s quality.   The craftsmanship and care goes into manufacturing Italian leather stock relates to only the best hides are used.

Because the leather is not mass produced, the process takes longer to make compared to the other cheaper alternatives and only natural vegetable and plant based extracts are used by craftsmen to manufacture Italian leather. Lizandez endeavors to source the best quality leather bags for its customers.

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Five aspects to Italian Leather are:

1. Quality - Italian leather is a durable, well-made material.   The craftsmanship involved into making Italian leather products is with the highest standards.
2. Its unique! Vegetable tanned Italian leather has a one of a kind appearance and any marks on an the hides are not imperfections it is what gives it a distinctive appearance, no two items are ever identical.
3. Italian Leather durability. Italian leather can last the test of time and withstand everyday wear and tear.  When looking for this durability, select a product that offers a guarantee.
4. Timelessness.  You’ll see Italian leather on the famous fashion runways around the world and will always be a popular material for the fashion houses.
5. Maintenance! The beauty of Italian leather, aging only adds to the beauty and its uniqueness and can be easily cleaned on with a damp cloth.

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People have been working with leather for thousands of years, and Italy has been famous for leather production for centuries. Leather is made by subjecting the hide of an animal to a lengthy treatment process.  Florence and Milan (Italy's capital of fashion) is particularly famous for its leather with Italian leather being used by fashion houses. Italian leather has come to be closely associated with quality and fashion.

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Price is usually an indicator of the leathers true quality and don't be fooled by the imitations. This doesn’t mean that you stick to name brand only, as lets face it we can not always afford them.  There are smaller and lesser known leather manufactures and whilst their bags maybe a little more expensive than the cheap knockoffs, you will be buying true value for money with the high quality of leather that goes into its manufacture and with a little care, should last a lifetime.

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Lizandez Leather Bags doesn't just offer quality, we offer the best customer service & the quickest delivery times, by utilising the best freight companies in the industry & providing a 2 tier shipping option.