Lizandez New Website Designed For The Customer

At lizandez we want to welcome everybody, existing customers and new alike, to view our new website functionality, features and most importantly our versatile, and constantly evolving product range. Our goals have always been to ensure our customers have a pleasurable shopping experience, through not only our great supportive and attentive customer support team, but also combining this with a great quality range of leather bags for Men, Women, Gift Ideas for Him and Her, Travel, Business, AccessoriesCorporate GiftsWomens Jewellery,  and  On Sale Items.

Gifts Ideas for Men and Women

While we have added a lot more user friendly additions, we have also provided detailed and distinct information to help our customers make an informed decision about their product of choice or selection of service.

Our Authentic customer testimonials really describe the work we put in to achieve these satisfying comments. We are totally committed to continuing on this path.

You also have the quite handy option to personalise your product with laser engraving  This is only available on a pre-selected range of products.

There is a large range of beautiful, designer style, classic, Italian and modern seasonal styles of leather bags. We concentrate on sourcing quality over the cheap nasty inferior disposables. We have proven many times over that a quality genuine leather product far out lasts its cheap imitation by 3 x times its life and in some circumstances 10 x time longer or more. While faux leathers look great, it has been known with regular use their life span is about 3 years. While Genuine Leather can last up to 10 to 20 years, the other great feature about genuine leather is how it keeps its style, while gracefully getting old and looking naturally worn and faded. Factor these variables into your pricing.

What some of our customers have said about the products we source from Italy, is how much better the products look in real life as opposed to on the internet. I find this a pleasant and welcoming change. I don't know about you, but when I shop online I rarely ever get a product that looks as good as the picture displayed on the website.

Man Posing with a range of Mens Leather Bags

While purchasing a quality leather bag for some people is an investment and in most cases an emotional purchase, most customers feel they have bought a companion that they have become attached to. I have one customer who has had a leather business bag now for three years and we have always been on hand to offer free advice on maintaining the longevity of his purchase as it was a family gift. It has become so much a part of his life and holds a value that can't be replaced. We love hearing from our customers and we really love the satisfaction our customers get from their purchase, We also are quite happy to give our customers on going support, well after the guarantee has expired.

Your next best friend or travel companion, could be one of the prestige product ranges, of Leather Travel Bags, Leather Backpacks, four and two wheeled leather vertical wheeled luggage, Leather Garment Bags, Ingenious Leather Passport Wallet, and the range of Leather accessories. The complete range is stylish, traditional, practical and modern. Just reminds you what real luggage bags were really all about. Hey sure the price matches the quality and design styles you would be buying, but sometimes I think I have worked all all my life, and if I going to do a bit of traveling why not do it in style. The other thing to think about is if you do a lot of business traveling then these Luggage bags only add to the professional nature of your outlook.

The Corporate Selection is an outstanding way to let your clients or customers know how much you appreciate their business. In fact you can choose from a wider selection, we just give you a guide to work from. These gifts will firmly leave a lasting impression of your business. Corporate gifting can be a high-end product that can help to enhance your Company´s image by establishing the link between your brand and Lizandez Pty Ltd product selection.
We can offer our collections to many important public and private companies.

The Business and professional range of leather bags range from Leather Laptop Bags, Leather Briefcases, Leather A4 Document Cases and Leather Document cases, highlighting our very popular Leather Doctor's Bags for medical professionals and physicians, and Leather Desk Accessories. The styles are simply just breathtaking, professional, functional, classic and modern - and they are hard to ignore.

Whilst some of our products are very popular and keeping up with demand is challenging, you will find with any unavailable colours or products, you will a see a golden tab appear under the Add To Bag Tab called Email Me When Available when you click this, a pop up will appear so you can enter your email address, ensure you have the right colour selected, then just click the box that says directly underneath Email Me When Available. Once the item is back in stock you will be automatically notified so you can have the first option to purchase.

Leather bags for women and men

When planning to buy a gift for someone special or a friend, relative or direct family member can sometimes be a daunting task. We have a wide selection to choose from as well as some worthy selections that we have categorised for you under the Gifts menu 

If you need any help please feel free to contact us on 1300 412 668 or email us by clicking on contact us and we will respond promptly.