The Travelling Companions Accessories

The Travelling Companions Accessories

How to choose the best leather Travel Bags Australia has to offer

Isn’t it funny how when you make the decision to buy a new leather travel bag, you suddenly become more aware of what everyone else seems to have and you start to notice the different styles, colours and shapes?  In the same breath you then come to the sudden realisation how daggy, unattractive, out of style or completely overused your bag has become.

It’s the age old dilemma – you never knew it was a problem until you starting thinking about it and for some silly reason you think what someone else has is always better.

Well fear not – if you have made the decision to change your leather travel bags at we have a beautiful selection of leather travel bags and travel accessories to fit not only your individual style, but also your wallet.

Leather Travel Bag Sitting On A Lovely Beach With A Sun Protection Hat

To select the right bag for you in this instance, size does matter!!  The right size for you will be determined by how frequently you travel and/or where you travel.

Of course, the other consideration is if you are a regular flyer, then size of checked bag or carry-one will be determined by the airline.  Point to note is that as a general rule, the soft bags are more common for your carry on as they are easier to squeeze into the overhead compartments.  Either way you want your travel bag to be practical to fit your specific purpose:

Also remember to compare your luggage interiors to ensure it suits your style with or without pockets and bags with a detachable strap are more convenient to throw over your shoulder to keep your hands free.  Ok, let’s take a look at the styles has to offer you but not limited to:

Passport Wallet

It's amazing how many times I turn up at the airport compiling all my travel documents. Now we have come up with a passport wallet that fits everything and features an amazing retractable pen that conveniently fits into the leather passport wallet. We have designed this wallet from the finest leather and is able to hold your passport and all your travel documents in one place, it also fits conveniently into any jeans pocket or handbag. We have also incorporated some great colors so it's accessible to both men & women. A must have travel companion.

Leather Passport Wallet being Displayed On A table With Model Aeroplane. Watch, Sneakers Camera And Accessories

Wheeled Bags

Any travel bag with wheels simply makes life easier – when you can pull the bag behind you or beside you using the retractable handle is much more convenient when you can’t be bothered carrying the damn thing.  In any case, it's what you purchase that fills your bags as opposed to what you're taking with you. If you're like me it has to look great also.

Leather Backpacks Australia

It's an amazing feeling walking free through another country, exploring, shopping and just taking in the sights. A backpack can be a wonderful companion as it gives you the freedom of carrying your essentials and still having your hands free, while the weight of what you carry is easily handled. Lizandez backpacks are designer quality and just beautiful. So what ever you are doing you can look good doing it.

Women Sitting On A Rail Track With Much Adored Leather Backpack

Garment Bags

Going overseas for a special occasion or just want to take some of your nicest clothing with you. Naturally this attire cannot be folded and put in standard piece of luggage. So we have Garment Bags to protect the finest of your clothing. A variety of styles without sacrificing looks and quality. They are simply a delight and a convenience to own.

The Leather Garment Bag Sitting On The Beach With A Hat On Nice Sunny Day

Travel Sets

Lizandez travel sets combine together some beautiful travel bags to cater for a big holiday and it allows you the opportunity to save on the cost of individual bag purchases.  The Lizandez travel sets are both stylish and beautiful when only the best will do. These travel bags will last a long time.

The Luxurious Leather Travel Set Being Depicted On The Side Walk

Well don’t stress, if you are looking for stylish, modern, quality and absolutely beautiful leather travel bag then – will be your saviour and be sure to view our travel accessories.