Lizandez Customer Service

At Lizandez we pride ourselves on doing things better when it comes to our products, security and service. In our efforts to improve what we do. I would like to give you an example of our humanising efforts around customer service.

We had a young lady call us to let us know how frustrated she was trying to acquire a father’s day gift. With a number of phone calls to various websites she either got no response or an engaged signal even after repeated attempts. Given the amount she was prepared spend and her cautious approach to ensure the reputable nature of websites she was visiting, it was important to her that she speak with an actual person to gauge the sincerity, trust and being so close to Father’s day an assurance of delivery times.

I must say I was surprised at the lack of response she received from other websites. It was obvious to me that she really wanted this to be a special gift for her dad. So I set out to do the impossible, being so close to father’s day I couldn’t guarantee delivery on time and wouldn’t promise this just to get the sale and spoiling what she wanted to be a special moment. She had her heart set on a particular product and she also wanted it personalised for her dad, this item had to come from overseas which put more of a strain on getting here on time. So I gave her a realistic time frame and we went from there.

Every day, both in the morning and evening, I monitored the delivery, while it seemed to get closer it was shipped off to another port. Finally on Thursday evening it had arrived in Australia and I immediately notified her of its arrival so we could ensure it was delivered. She got her purchase on the Friday before Father’s day and she was able to pass on the special gift to her dad.
When you shop at Lizandez, we don’t just treat you as a number we treat you as a person. We can’t change the world but we can be different in offering a shopping experience that is pleasurable.

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