Luggage Sets

If you travel often, one thing you’ve likely noticed is that a little luxury can go a long way. Whether it’s that first class seat with a little extra space or the fancy hotel that knows exactly how you like your room: luxury always makes travel more enjoyable. No matter where you go, your luggage travels right along with you. That’s why it’s one of the best investments in luxury you can make if you travel frequently.

Whether you’re taking a trip across Australia or boarding a plane for an international destination, our Luggage Sets will bring an extra sense of comfort with you wherever you go. They’re made from fine, full-grain leathers that are durable and timelessly chic. We have a variety of sets to choose from, each meeting our high standards for both quality and functionality.

Full-grain leather is perfect for luggage sets

At Lizandez, we use extremely high-quality leather in all of our products. While some of our bags feature top-grain leather, we tend to sell luggage that uses a valuable full-grain variety. The differences are very subtle and both are of comparable quality. However, full-grain leather tends to stand up better to the test of time. When you’re entrusting your fine leather goods to the hands of airport personnel, it’s essential to choose durable leathers. That’s why many of our Leather Luggage Sets are made from top-quality, full-grain leather.

Luggage Sets

Italian leather is just perfect

Whether your leather goods are full grain or top grain, they’re always better when they’re Italian-made. Vegetable or bark is used in the process of tanning Italian leathers which creates a signature look and feel. It also makes every bag unique as no two will ever feature quite the same grain. This process first began in ancient Egypt, but it was popularized in medieval Tuscany as the tanning industry practically grew overnight. This fine tradition continues today, and we’re proud to have become a part of it through providing quality Italian-Leather Bags to all of Australia and for those around the World who love quality and service. Our luggage sets are truly one-of-a-kind, even if you don’t have them customised.

Fine leather for fine travels

Sometimes you just need a little extra comfort when you travel, and that’s why our sets are a perfect choice for your luggage. We offer a variety of designs that make it easy to find your perfect travel style:

  • Our Bora Bora set is ideal for quick trips and weekend getaways, featuring front and back exterior pockets and a sizeable interior.
  • The Travel Backpack set has ample interior storage, multiple exterior compartments and an adjustable strap with a semi-rigid body. This choice is perfect for seasoned travelers or those who might want to try backpacking through Europe
  • Our Vespucci Leather Travel set is made to transition between travel and everyday use, making it a great choice for those who frequently take short and long trips. It’s perfect for the golf course, boardroom and that VIP lounge for all you frequent flyers.

These are only a few of the many Luggage Sets we have available, and we’re constantly keeping our stock updated. Browse online and see if we have something made to be your new travelling companion!

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