Leather Care

A quality leather bag is the product of a centuries-old tradition performed by skilled artisans. Buying from Lizandez you are purchasing quality leather bags. When asking how should I care for my precious leather bag, your attention should be focused on cleaning, conditioning, minor scratch repairs and storing your bag. Viewing our selection of leather care products Australia will go along way to assisting you.

Cleaning your precious leather bag with our leather cleaner

Always handle your leather bag with clean hands. Leather bags are susceptible to absorbing grease and oil. Apply with a clean cloth and allow to dry, then polish to a high gloss. Doing this once or twice a year will dramatically assist in maintaining that new look longer. Try our Colourless Leather Cleaner Cream. Cleans and protects all types of articles made of leather.Is non abrasive and gentle on the leather

Preserving your leather bag will be extended by using our colourless leather conditioning cream

Leather conditioner is like a moisturizer for your leather bag. Without it, the leather will dry out over time.To prevent flaking and wrinkling, apply our leather conditioner cream at least twice a year. 

  • Apply leather cream over the leather with a fine cloth
  • Allow to dry and then polish with a brush
  • Then polish to a bright shine with a fine cloth
Leather Care Products

    Another wonderful approach to protecting your precious leather bag is using a Leather Waterproofing Spray 

    By using a waterproofing agent will keep your leather bag looking cleaner and brighter for longer. The Leather Waterproofing Spray has an invisible protective coating spray for all smooth leathers, suede and textiles, including those with a breathable membrane (Tex materials).
    Pump spray can be used indoors on shoes, jackets and bags, use with confidence on your most treasured items, product dries leaving no trace.

    The Complete Leather Care Kit

    The complete leather care kit combines your total care of your leather bag including a brush and cloth. Having what you need at your finger tips makes it so much easier looking after your quality leather goods. After all, if you're going to go out somewhere special and you want to take your most loved leather bag or wallet you want to be able to spruce it up to.

    Need minor touch ups done for abrasions or marks on your leather?

    Lizandez has an amazing Leather Touch Up Pen  that will assist in making little leather marks or faded markings disappear. The brush marker eliminates scratches and abrasions restoring leather to its original appearance. The color is not toxic and is non-acid. 

    At Lizandez we love assisting our customers, please calls us on 1300 412 668 or email us through our online contact form, if you require assistance or advice about your bag, and if we don't have an answer right away for you, we will do everything we can to make sure that we do. If your not sure about caring or looking after your leather bag don't make things worse by trying to fix things yourself, contact us.