Leather Bags In Australia

If you’re a member of the professional elite, we have something special just for you. Lizandez sells Italian Leather Bags In Australia that are perfectly tailored for professionals. We carry a variety of bags that are made to fit many different professional lifestyles. Our products are both fashionable and functional, leaving you plenty of room to grow professionally.

We cater to your busy life, and that means you’ll find shopping with us to be extremely convenient. We have a quick checkout with options to pay over time and fast free shipping available throughout Australia. Choose your perfect professional bag today and set a new standard for yourself at work.

Paging Dr. Dapper

There are few professionals with a busier life than medical practitioners. Seeing patients and keeping up with continuing education are just the beginning. Many doctors also seek publication and engage in studies, research and the advancement of medical knowledge. It’s a lot to keep up with and, at Lizandez, we’ve designed an entire line of Doctor's Bags to help you balance your busy workload.

With several different styles, you’ll be able to choose something perfectly tailored to your needs. Whether that’s more room for papers and reading material, your laptop or medical supplies. You can choose from a variety of styles, including some that hearken back to the earliest days of medicine!

Leather Bags In Australia

High tech meets high fashion

If you can’t live without your laptop, then it’s time to treat that expensive bit of machinery with the care it deserves. We sell Laptop Bags in every style with multiple sizing options so you can find just the right fit. Some are fashioned to look more like a backpack, others have vintage styles that you would never think to contain modern technology and all of them are made from high-quality Italian leather. These bags also feature the option of Engraving  with your name for an extra personal touch and some added security. Your laptop deserves the best and we sell the finest Italian Leather Bags In Australia.

The leather briefcase has gotten a makeover

Gone are the days of the hardened, rectangular briefcase. We’re not shedding any tears over the loss, and you won’t be either when you see the transitional styles on offer from Lizandez. Our line of Professional Leather Bags and Leather Briefcases include:

  • Combination briefcase and laptop bags
  • Volterra dual compartment leather briefcases
  • Document Cases and more

Our selection offers a variety of structured bags with the old-fashioned rectangular look, soft-leather bags and hybrids made for paper and modern technology.

A professional is only as good as their leather tools

Being truly prepared is as much about organization as it is knowledge. A professional is only as good as his tools, but what use are those tools if you can’t find them when you need them? Busy people know that minutes matter and our cleverly designed professional bags can save you those precious minutes. So, you can keep your documents and electronics exactly where you need them: ready and at the waiting. We sell the best Italian leather handbags in Australia precisely because we care. Shop our selection today and find everything you need to create professional success.

Lizandez sell a variety of high quality Leather Bags Online so visit us to purchase something uniquely special.